2014 Fall Doubles League @ The Gulch

2014 @The Gulch Fall Outlaws League

Random Doubles League

Random Doubles, Select Cali (details below), Shotgun Start, Optional Ace Pool, and Point System Doubles.We will be playing the mixed tee format (alternate tees) every other week on this league. During those weeks additional points will be awarded.

League sign up starts at 3:45 round kicks off at 4:00pm
$10 one time fee to join this league (Optional)
(Summer League members, or last years gulch doubles league pay only $8 to join)
For Joining you will recieve a Outlaws Vinyl sticker

$5 a round- includes $3 for payout each round and included is a $2 50/50 CTP

$5 Ace Pool (help us get some big ace pools)
Ace Pool Pays Out at 50%(Non-Members) 100% (Full Members)
This is a random draw doubles league, which means that you will be randomly paired with a new partner each week.

Only League members are in the running for payouts at the end of the season.
If a non-league member would like to come and play without joining the league, they can be in for the weekly payout. At the end of the season the top players will be paid out in merchandise and Trophies.

OUTLAWS LEAGUE  VINYLRandom Doubles, Select Cali (details below), Shotgun Start, Optional Ace Pool, and Point System Doubles.

Random Doubles – Random Draw Doubles, meaning each player will be setup with a random partner each week a that partner may be of any skill level.

Shotgun Start – Each player will meet up at 3:45pm to be drawn for there random partner. Find a group consisting of no more than 6 players no less than 4.

50/50 CTP – Each week player will have the option to buy into a 50/50 closest to the pin pool. 50% collected will be payed to the player who shoots closest or aces the CTP hole while 50% will be donated to our course development fund.

Point System Double – A3 will be using a new style of points system dubbed PSD, thanks to the assistance of Scott Sprow for all the help to develop our new scoring system.

League Rules:

Follow Standard Best Shot Double Rules, Mini required, both players must throw from the same lie, unmarked lies are lost.


Each week players will receive points based on the following rules:

(1) point for attendance

(2) points for each team the players team beats in strokes that week

(5) points for a single player who aces

Details Here: http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_atThe_Gulch_Fall_Outlaws_League