About us

We are the Fairway Outlaws of Livingston county (F.O.O.L Alliance). We are committed to building the Disc golf community in the Livingston area by running leagues and holding tournaments. The F.O.O.L Alliance is an MDGO club and supporters of the Michigan Disc Golf community. We designed and built the Hamburg Disc Golf course (The Gulch) and are currently designing the Brighton Rec course (Chilson Woods). Our number one goal is to provide our members with amazing tournament and league experiences.

matt   Matt Roberts – President

Matt has been a part of the Disc Golf community since 2006 and has experience working with other clubs in the past. His main role is to make sure the club is always heading in the right direction. Matt does a lot of event planning and is one of the clubs tournament directors. Along with attending regularly scheduled board meetings, Matt also attends MDGO meetings as our representative.

Georgesm  George Roberts – Vice President

George starting playing in 2007 and has a numerous amount of tournaments under his belt. He is a great attribute to the club because of his dedication to the cause. Along with working closely with the president on planning and scheduling events he is also one of the clubs MDGO representative.

mika  Mika Perez – Treasurer

Mika is relatively new to the game but has a strong passion for the sport. She takes care of all the clubs financials and plays a vital role on event days. She is always trying to better the club and help in anyway she can.


Josh  Josh Dingeldey – Secretary

Josh is a disc golf junkie, anytime that he can get out and play he definitely does. He helps with merchandise and player packs at events. Josh also helps with side games and raffles. His main job is to get all of the club information out to all of the board members.

Jesse  Jesse Braidwood – Communications Director

Jesse is the webmaster and communications director. Off line Jesse runs all our event entertainment such as jumbo toss, speed putt, longest drive, and other games. He’s constantly trying to learn more about the game to become a crucial member on and offline.

Untitled  Raquel Perez –  Membership Director

Raquel keeps track of our current members and is constantly bringing new ones to the club, but where she really seems to shine is at our events. Raquel’s good attitude and positivity makes registration at events a breeze. She also checks score cards between rounds and takes care of selling merchandise.

jry  John Reifschneider – League Coordinator

John has been a part of the Disc Golf community for some time now and has been working with other clubs since 2008. John is in charge of planning our league events and making sure they run smoothly through the season. He also does a lot of work on our social media sites working hand in hand with our webmaster.

jasonJason Reifschneider – Club Artist

Jason has been an ongoing artist for so many events for Knights of Columbus and currently added Fairway Outlaws he designed our Logo and will be doing all of our club art. He is a dedicated artist did the sign art at The Gulch and all the post carving and painting.